Blackberry Tree Vs Mulberry Tree

There are many mulberry trees and it is a common question as to which is the best one – the blackberry tree or the mulberry tree. A Blackberry tree is fast growing, so if you are looking for instant gratification then the blackberry tree would be perfect for your home garden. The large blooming flowers attract bees, butterflies and other insects. They can be eaten fresh or sold in the market and this is where the benefits lie.

However, there are certain disadvantages associated with the use of the mulberry tree. The primary disadvantage is that it does not provide protection from bugs. They feed on the pests, so your garden may become infested. In this case, the blackberry tree would be far preferable. These are some home garden tricks for creating a natural garden.

It should be noted that there are many other organic garden tricks that can be adopted to ensure the protection of your garden. For example, you can use native plants to attract birds. Bats and snakes can also be contained within the barriers that you create with native plants. The best way to create a barrier garden is to dig a trench around the edge and then place a sturdy fence around it.

When you are planting, make sure that you do not compact the soil too much. This will adversely affect the growth of the plants. You should give ample space for the growth of the plants. If the soil is compacted too much, the root system of the plants will have difficulty in getting through. The organic garden tricks that you can follow include: using topsoil, planting the seed at an angle and spacing the plants evenly.

In order to protect the soil, you can make use of mulch. However, mulch has certain disadvantages. For example, it does not retain moisture or provide good drainage. On the other hand, organic garden tricks include the use of compost and the watering of the plants. By making use of topsoil, creating beds and ensuring proper drainage; you can surely ensure that your garden is free from diseases.

Blackberry trees are perfect for people who love shade. Therefore, if you want to grow a blackberry tree, you should plant it in a shady area. Mulberry trees can also survive in shaded areas provided they are provided with adequate amount of sunlight. However, the blackberry tree needs lots of sun. It can grow up to 9 ft in height, hence you need to provide plenty of sun for the tree.

The mulberry tree can also survive in different climates as it is adaptable to most environments. However, the soil that it needs to be grown in need to be rich in nutrients. This is where organic gardening tips come into play. You can increase the fertility of the soil by composting it. You can also ensure proper drainage of water by constructing retaining walls around the garden. Organic gardening tricks will ensure that your garden has ample of nutrients that it needs in order to grow well.

One of the best organic garden tricks that you can implement is ensuring proper air circulation in your garden. This can be done by building a small roof over the garden. However, you can also build a small platform on which you can hang bird feeders. This will ensure a good supply of fresh air for the blackberry tree. Finally, you can also enhance the growth of the tree by providing some shade. You can provide shady conditions by placing some trees on the sides of your garden.