Herb Smart Garden Tricks and Tips

Herb Smart: Creating Your Organic Garden Guide for the Newbie Herb-Phobic Gardeners by Liz Wolfe is filled with fun and useful tips for growing your favorite herbs in an organic garden. It’s so important to learn how to grow herbs organically because so many chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides have been used over the years to increase production. Today, most of the chemical techniques are outdated and are not necessary. By learning how herb plants are grown organically you’ll end up with healthier, fresher, and tastier produce.

The book is full of interesting organic garden tricks that will help you get started and make your home garden a great place to grow food. There are several chapters that explain the basics of gardening. They cover selecting herbs, planting, spacing, and even the weather conditions and types of soil that are optimal for each type of herb. Within the pages of your organic garden guide you’ll find some terrific “home garden hacks,” like a method for growing basil without having to stake everything out. You can also find many recipes using herbs that will surprise you. The recipes give you plenty of room to stretch your culinary skills.

One of the most useful chapters in Herb Smart is the discussion of indoor herb garden tricks. There are many ways to grow herbs indoors in pots or containers. You can grow herbs to use a regular window box (a square box with only one flat side), inside a hanging pot, or even inside a window trellis. You’ll learn tricks such as planting your herbs in the winter months to keep their roots from freezing and sprouting up later and how to select and store your herbs for up to 3 years. All of these indoor herb garden tricks and many more will be covered in detail in the final chapter of the book.

The second chapter in the Herb Smart organic garden guide covers how to care for your herbs throughout the year. Careful watering and light exposure are important for all types of herbs, but there are specific considerations for each herb type. A nice touch in this section is the addition of an easy-to-read section about common diseases that affect herbs and the best way to prevent them. This information is especially helpful to beginners who may not have the knowledge needed to understand the difference between a cold and hot pepper.

The third chapter of the book focuses on the use of herbs outdoors. It includes information on how to grow herbs in small containers, including information on whether indoor plants are suitable for growing in containers versus hanging baskets. It also includes a look at how to prepare various herb types for outdoor consumption. Finally, it provides information on how to harvest your herbs indoors if you do so.

In the fourth chapter of Herb Smart you’ll find some simple garden tricks, such as planting your herbs in a raised bed if your garden space allows. The fifth chapter focuses on some great garden accessories. These include garden planters, hanging baskets, and trellises. These items will help create a more herb-friendly garden. Also included are three pages devoted to useful tips for managing pests in your garden.

The sixth and final chapter of Herb Smart focuses on how to care for your herbs once they’re planted. This includes things like how to protect them from sun damage and what kinds of fertilizer to use. There are also some great pest control tips included. The final chapter also includes a page that provides step-by-step instructions on pruning your herb garden should you choose to do so at some point.

Overall, this book is excellent at covering all of the bases when it comes to growing an herb garden. It provides detailed information about all of the types of herbs that you can grow, as well as what factors need to be considered when planting one. The six chapters contain everything you need to get started and then go into further detail as you learn more about herb gardening. The book is easy to read and very informative. In fact, even if you’ve never grown a herb garden before, you can probably get along with the information in Herb Smart.