Herb Vertical Garden Design

If you have grown herbs in your yard before, then you are probably familiar with herb gardens – but are you really gardening in a way that is more productive? In other words, are you using your home garden to its full potential? Consider the following herb gardening tips to make your herb garden a productive one.

First, remember that vertical garden style isn’t just about utilizing the vertical space to grow vegetables, herbs or flowers. Often times you may use containers, pots and hang baskets on the walls. Common gardeners tend to create trellises for climbing herbs like basil. These can be decorated with hanging pots and decorative ornaments to make your home garden appear attractive and unique. Trellises are a great addition to any room of the house.

If you have children or teenagers living in your home, you may find that your plans need a little update. A good home garden planter can make this much easier. With a planter box, you can place your plants at different heights and have them easily get out of the way when needed. A planter box also makes it easy to keep your plants clean. After the seasons, planter boxes can be reused and turned into a new container for potting soil.

With larger plants, such as succulents, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, when you have young plants, do you want them outside year round? This will mean you move some of your favorite succulents indoors during the winter. A vertical garden with pots will make it easy to move the plants in order to give them fresh air. Other options include putting the pots on a low shelf or hanging the pots in a tree or hanging them from the rear view mirror on the car.

It’s important to be careful with the type of soil you choose to use with your vertical garden. Many gardeners like to mix in organic mulch. Both limestone and sand are fine for mulching around your herb plants, but not all plants like these. Limestone will break down and become too heavy for your plants to take advantage of. On the other hand, sand can cause your succulents to drown.

Another tip for herb vertical garden design ideas is to space your plants so they have plenty of sunlight. Sunlight will help your plants enjoy the best growing season. It is important to note that you should only space your plants so close together that you don’t have leaves touching. This will prevent mildew or disease from setting in.

Some vertical gardens have built in water features such as fountains or waterfall. These can be fun to incorporate into your vertical gardens. However, keep in mind how much water your plants will need. Air plants will thrive better if they get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Be sure to choose plants with similar watering needs.

A third idea for herb vertical garden design ideas involves the placement of your plants on a raised pallet. Many gardeners love to place their culinary herbs on a raised pallet. The pallet can be set on top of the ground or put in the corner of a room. If you choose to place the pallet in the corner of a room, be sure that the corner you choose is cool enough for your plants to survive.

Other vertical garden design ideas include pre-built structures that allow you to easily construct your garden. Some kits include pre-cut garden planters and flower pots. Other kits include a free-standing structure with a cement foundation. These types of structures are very attractive and will allow you to have a garden in no time. Keep in mind that most of these kits are heavy and will require some sort of lifting equipment. Make sure that you don’t purchase a kit that requires heavy equipment before you have exhausted all other options.

One final option for vertical gardening is building a raised planting bed. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to grow and showcase your favorite herbs. Building a raised planting bed allows you to place pots on the floor in your kitchen. Once you’ve placed your pots on the floor, you can then add more pots on top of the ones you just placed. This is a great way to display your favorite plants and it also allows you to control the amount of light coming through your windows.

Vertical garden design ideas can be challenging if you don’t have a lot of space or if you want to showcase your favorite herbs. Make sure that you explore all of your options before settling on a particular plan. Even if you are limited on space, you should still have at least one large garden area to work with. A raised herb garden can be an effective way to grow your favorite vegetables. Your vertical garden design will highlight the best portions of your home while showcasing your favorite herbs.