How to Build Your Vertical Indoor Hydroponics Garden System

Are you interested in growing vegetables indoors but are worried about the health of your plants? Do you wish to have a healthy garden that does not require the use of pesticides and chemicals? Then vertical indoor hydroponics is just right for you! Read on this vertical gardening system guide to learn more.

The first thing that you need to understand about this vertical indoor hydroponics garden system is that you need to get your seeds before you start growing your organic garden. This is because you need to determine the type of plants that you will be growing before you can begin collecting water, nutrients and air. Your seeds will also help you know the proper amount of space that you need in order to grow your plants. It is not advisable to purchase cheap plastic seed packets so that your seeds don’t wilt and die.

The second thing that you need to know about this vertical indoor hydroponics garden system is that it has two kinds of gardening containers. One is called the growing medium and the other is called the growing chamber. The growing medium is what you use to cultivate your micro crops while the growing chamber is the place where your crops will stay when you aren’t using them. You can place different types of food in these chambers so that you can have an organic garden that is pesticide free. Organic farming is very important nowadays because there are so many weeds and pests in the environment that require you to use pesticides.

For vertical farming, you will also need to buy and install special light cycles and cooling systems. Some people prefer to use metal halide grow lights while others choose to use fluorescent grow lights. Metal halide lights will produce a lot of heat, so you must place them at least ten feet away from your plants unless you want them to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Aside from the light sources, you will also need to purchase some nutrients and fertilizers. The nutrients that you should buy are those that are organic and don’t contain any chemicals. Metal halide grow lights can be used for your indoor garden, but you should make sure that they are placed at least ten feet away from your home because they can generate very high temperatures. This means that your home and the crops you grow might be in danger if you use metal halide grow lights too close. So it is advisable that you purchase an automatic timer for these types of grow lights to prevent overheating or burning out your home appliances.

You also have to make sure that your growing plants get enough nutrients every day. It is vital that the nutrient levels are maintained since nutrients are the source of life for all plants. If you use compost, there is a possibility that some nutrients might escape into the soil and poison your home garden. The best way to ensure that your nutrients are distributed evenly is by mixing compost with a little bit of perlite. Make sure that you place the compost on top of the elite and not directly on the soil because this may result in plant death due to the rapid evaporation of the perlite.

Your plants will also need to have lots of room in order to grow healthy and happy. It is important that the pots they are in are not too big and that they are placed where the light can reach them. Some plants require lots of sun, whereas others require more shade. You will have to choose the pots according to the type of plants that you are growing. If you use rockwool pots, for example, then it is advisable that they be placed at least three feet away from the house, on a slope.

When it comes to caring for your plants, another essential item on your gardening list should be a good quality growing tower. A good quality growing tower will provide a very controlled environment for your plants and it will help to prevent diseases. You will need to buy a growing tower kit if you want to raise and cultivate vegetables or if you are looking to grow herbs. With a good quality kit and a few good growing tips, you will be able to provide your family with fresh, organic produce and a healthy, beautiful garden all year round.