How to Make an Edible Zen Garden

What could possibly make for a better looking and more enjoyable edible Zen garden than an organic garden guide full of wonderful fragrances? This Zen garden is the perfect way to escape the stressors of our everyday lives. The fragrances add an air of calmness to this garden, bringing you back out of your own head to enjoy a little bit of gardening. Let your imagination run wild with the ways these fragrances can be used in your garden. These organic garden tricks have been tried and tested by many and they’ve worked!

To start your edible Zen garden, choose the colors that you would like. The rocks used are typically made of black sesame seeds, with the sand generally made out of a mixture of rice flour and rock salt. Sit back, relax and appreciate this beautiful ancient edible Zen garden filled with aromas that bring you back to the amazing world of Zen.

If you want to get started right away, you should begin by using one of the most popular and beautiful fragrances from Japan, Mimosa. You can find this fragrant oil in Asian markets, and it will also be available in a lot of home shopping centers. Begin by placing two bowls of water on top of your ceramic rooster statues. The water will cause the oils in the Mimosa to diffuse into the water, giving it a delicious scent. Add a couple of handfuls of the Japanese Red Maple Syrup to the water as well.

When it comes to the actual edible Zen garden, matcha green tea is a great addition. This tea has a natural fragrance that is very pleasing to the senses. There are many different Matcha green teas available, and they come in different strengths of flavor. The stronger the matcha tea, the deeper the fragrance will be. You will want to add this tea slowly to your Japanese inspired edible Zen garden so that it is enhanced.

For the second stage of your Japanese garden, it is time to use your rocks. The purpose of these rocks is to provide texture, form and interest to your edible Zen garden. Look for Japanese gravels, which are coarse sand-sized rocks. You can easily find these at any local gravel shop. These gravels will absorb water and won’t allow the water to run off.

As a final step, you will want to add your final touch to your edible Zen gardens. Use small amounts of sugar to cover the rocks. The sugar will help to protect the rocks from insects, and it will also keep your plants from becoming moldy. This final step is to place the rocks in a shallow dish of water. Let your plants float on top of the sugar, and watch as your Japanese Zen garden begins to bloom!

If you prefer not to make your own gravels or if you do not have the time to do this yourself, then you can purchase your rocks online. There are many Japanese garden supply stores online that carry a wide variety of Japanese-inspired edible and decorative rocks. You can find beautiful tea pots and flower pots that will create the perfect centerpiece for your Japanese garden. Most online shops will ship your order within three days or less, depending on where you live.

For a delicious and healthy meal, you simply need to mix everything together, spread a layer of rice on the bottom of your clay pot, then top with your choice of meat, seafood, vegetables, or what you would like to create. After heating up your preheated oven, break an egg white into the middle and add salt, pepper, and whatever herbs, seasoning, or seasoning you prefer. Let sit for five minutes so that all of the flavors can meld together. Enjoy your Japanese Zen garden!