Should You Put Rocks in the Bottom of a Raised Bed?

Raised Beds Gardening is more difficult that conventional garden. You have to keep in mind certain things before you start digging your home garden. If you have never tried gardening then the first thing you would have to keep in mind is to get a home garden plan or organic garden guide. This would help you make decisions on what kind of plants, shrubs and flowers to grow, as well as where to put them. If you want to be successful then you would have to know all the fundamentals and also the most effective way to implement them.

It would be ideal if you were to design your own home garden, but you cannot do so unless you get a guide. The reason you need a guide is that you would be able to select the best plants for your bed, but without knowing how to manage and maintain them properly, they would not survive. One of the factors you should consider when deciding on which plants and shrubs to include in your bed garden is whether they are native to your area or not. Once you decide that they are native then you can include them easily in your designs.

When designing your raised bed garden, it would be ideal to use rock, brick or timber as your soil material. A rock would be ideal because of its versatility. A rock can be used to build a house or fort, it can be placed above ground or buried underground and it can be moved anywhere you want. Another good thing about using a rock as your soil material is that it does not compact or loose its fill as much as other soil types would.

Brick and timber are ideal because they look neat and tidy and they are quite hard and sturdy. They are also available in many different sizes, from small and tight to large and loose. You can use the right size of rock to match your requirements and the size of the area where you are planting your home garden. For example, you can plant a small rock in an area where there are going to be lots of shrubs. However, you should avoid using too large of a rock as they will overcrowd the area.

The benefits of using a rock as your soil material cannot be ignored. First of all they look great and they help to bring the nature closer to you. It is nice to walk through your garden and to see all the different textures and colours of the rocks in it. This is especially true if you put some of your favourite coloured pebbles or marbles into the bed. These pebbles can look excellent when they are in their original rock state.

If you have a thick border then it is very easy to add more plants and flowers to your garden. You will be able to sit back and relax watching your bed garden slowly blooming. You may even decide that you like to grow some flowers in your top bed. Of course you could always plant something else in that space instead, but if you like the look of the top of the soil being full of life, then you will have no problem with putting something in the bed.

When it comes to deciding on what to plant in the beds then you should think about putting a few nice tall grasses in the top of the bed. You can easily do this by digging some holes in the ground next to the wall and putting the grass in the holes. Now you can just add some stones or bricks to the top of the bed. There are lots of other plants and flowers that you could add to the top of the bed garden, such as bluebells and creeping thistle.

Although you might like to put some plants in the raised bed garden, but you would rather avoid putting anything there that could potentially hurt the grass. So you would be better off avoiding shrubs or any types of plants that are known to put roots into the ground and would grow right up into the ground. These include ground hogs, crabgrass, and ground ivy.