Tips For Getting Coffee Grounds At Home

For a lot of people decaf coffee grounds in the garden are an alien concept. The first time I tasted it, I was quite surprised. This is the kind of coffee grounds you would find at the supermarket. I have read that coffee ground using organic material is better but I am not sure whether that is true or not.

My first encounter with decaf coffee grounds in the garden was when I bought my first garden plot. I wanted to grow some vegetables and bushes for my daughter’s playroom. I didn’t like the idea of using chemicals on them. I found organic garden guide and decided to use that for all the plants. In that book I read that decaf coffee grounds are also suitable for garden.

I planted all the seeds for the vegetable and bushes I selected from organic garden guide and they grew very well. In fact they were so good, that I continued to use it even though the vegetables and bushes were all overgrown. Then one of the neighbor boys said he had heard about decaf coffee grounds in the garden. I asked him how he could have heard that. He told me that many people use it in their gardens to save money.

I thought that the ground coffee was not suitable for my garden and did not want to use chemicals on my vegetables. I tried to add some ground coffee to the soil in my garden and I noticed that my soil had so much more nutrients in it. So I decided to use the organic garden guide I had purchased to make sure that I followed all the organic garden guidelines properly. So now, instead of buying expensive organic fertilizer, I just ground coffee in my garden.

The results are amazing! I have decaf coffee grounds in my house and I do not get tired of drinking it. It tastes like a mixture of tea and chocolate and it is very good for your health. When I drink it, I just feel refreshed and I really feel great inside.

My mother always used to complain that our meals did not taste so good because of preservatives. That made me think of decaf coffee grounds as preservatives. They really do spoil our meals a bit. I prefer eating whole raw fruits and vegetables. If I had ground coffee in the morning, I could still have those raw foods at home, but that is not what I did anymore. I ground decaf coffee grounds and keep them at home.

Sometimes, I put the decaf coffee grounds in a jar with some loose leaf tea leaves. I just keep them there and anytime I want to have a cup of tea, I just take out the jar and pour some loose leaf tea into the jar. That makes me feel better. I feel that the decaf coffee grounds have made me healthier as well as making me have stronger bones and muscles. That is how I became aware of decaf coffee grounds in the first place. I guess it worked for me.

I still enjoy ground coffee. But sometimes, I prefer to drink decaf coffee grounds. That is all that matters. It is my personal taste. And I am quite happy with the result!

So do you want to ground your own coffee? You can buy ground coffee from the market. I would recommend you buying the organic type. This will help you avoid poisoning the soil and also making your garden soil more fertile. Grounding your own coffee at home is not too difficult, but you need to have some patience and determination.

The best way to go about it is to first pick out a spot in your garden where there is plenty of sunlight and also some ground. You need to dig up the ground very carefully. You should not be doing this, where there are weeds and undergrowth. Once you have done the digging, take out the ground beans and place them in a big plastic bag. It is very important not to put the ground beans close to any other decaf coffee or tea you might be using in your garden.

Now all that is left is to put your coffee ground at the bottom of your basket and gently fill up your other half with water and let it soak for at least a week. Put this on a timer and do it everyday till the decaf coffee grounds in your garden are gone. For safety measure you can even cover the ground coffee with a paper towel and place it inside a box and cover it with lint free cloth and then store it in the refrigerator. In case you forget to do this, just get the next batch from your local supermarket. Enjoy your delicious decaf coffee grounds in your garden.