What is the Best Soil For a Vegetable Garden?

You have decided to grow your own vegetables and now you are faced with the daunting task of how to choose the best soil for your new garden. Organic gardening tips can be found in almost any garden book or on any website dealing with gardening and the home garden. If you search the internet you will find out there are a lot of organic garden tricks that you need to know before you start growing. But what exactly is the best soil for a vegetable garden?

The organic garden guide that I used while I was building my organic garden revealed some tricks that I did not know about and some that I did. One trick I learned that really helped me when I was growing plants without soil, that is using sand as the sole material for the garden bed. You see many gardeners believe that if you use gravel or sand then the soil will absorb more water. This simply is not so.

The truth is that the soil absorbs whatever it can absorb and it will not retain any of the water. What you want to do is make sure that the sand that you are using is of a fine sand. This means it should be one-fourth of an inch. Do not use what is called medium sand which has two fourths of an inch. It does not matter what the sand is called because it is not going to do you any good.

You should also try to mulch the bed with leaves, straw and plants. Sand is good but the organic stuff works better. There are some kinds of weeds that grow well in the sand as well such as dandelions. And you can actually use the sand to help the decomposition process of your vegetables and other plants. What is the best soil for a vegetable garden that decomposes quickly?

Well, you will have to test it out yourself to find out. You can buy sand at most garden stores. Some of them even have an area that you can test out completely for free. You simply take a small sample of what you have and spread it evenly on your bed. Then check it back later to see what it looks like.

So, now you know what the best soil is for a vegetable garden but you want to know how much you are really putting down on each square foot. That is where testing comes into play. Most people go to the store and buy some sand because they figure that they are doing the right amount.

But when you test the soil you may find that it is too rich in nutrients. What is the best soil for a garden if it contains too many nutrients? Actually, that would be called dry soil. Then, the plants won’t be able to absorb the water and minerals they need to thrive. If you only have a little bit of sand and you are using it to grow vegetables, then you are likely using the maximum amount of water and the soil will be too dry.

What is the best soil for a garden filled with all types of vegetables? That depends on what kind of vegetables you are growing. If you are growing more delicate plants like lettuce and herbs, then you can add just a bit of organic matter to the mix and it should be fine. But, if you are trying to grow vegetables that have a stronger taste, you may want to go with the dryer varieties of produce like beans and squash.